Council of Management

Initiatives of Change Association (Canada) is a federally registered charitable organization, incorporated in 1944 under the name of Moral Re-Armament and operating since 2001 as Initiatives of Change.
(Business number 11904 5912 RR 00001).

The Council of Management (board) consists of seven Members elected to serve for a maximum of two 3 year terms. The Council’s main responsibility is to oversee the management of programs, financial and human resources. Priorities are generally set through national consultations. 

Co-Chair: Lorne Braun
Co-Chair:Jean-Noël André
Treasurer: Karen Bambonye
Secretary: Elaine Gordon
Director: Samrawit Mersha
Director: Cecilia Sithembile (Thembi) Silundika
Director: Aron Tegenfeldt

Chair of Initiatives of Change (Canada)LORNE BRAUN lives in Richmond, BC and currently works as a consultant to Canadian NGOs doing humanitarian work throughout the world. Read more….








JEAN-NOËL ANDRÉ  a native of France, has been living in Neuville, Quebec for over 20 years.An engineer by training, he is a producer of stage pro- ductions concerning nature, the environment and tourism. Read more…







 KAREN BAMBONYE  works for the federal government as a project officer in Canada’s capital. She coordinates and implements projects, which involves extensive consulting and collaboration with various people, groups, and teams. She is also responsible for drafting and preparing various communication documents; such as procedures, guidelines, quarterly reports and annual reports.  Read more…






 ELAINE GORDON was born and raised in Cork, Ireland, and studied at Alexandra College, Dublin, the Royal Conservatory of Scotland and the Royal School of Music in London, UK. Her parents met IofC when it was called the Oxford Group, and she was brought up knowing about its values and outreach. Read more….







SAMRAWIT ARAYAMEDHIN MERSHA obtained her first degree from Addis Ababa University in her hometown and her Master’s degree from the University of Leicester in the UK. Read more…








CECILIA SITHEMBILE SILUNDIKA (THEMBI) Thembi has 20 years of experience in the federal public service working in international cooperation and indigenous peoples of the Arctic. In addition to policy work she has great experience in building partnerships and all aspects of program management. Read more….








ARON TEGENFELDT completed a BA in Pacific and Asian Studies and an MA in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria. He worked as a project manager with the HOPE International Development Agency and has an ongoing connection with Myanmar.  Read more…





National Office

101A - 225 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 1P9
Tel: 613 230 7197           Fax: 613 230 7198      email: IofC Canada

Regional Contacts

Quebec Province: Laurent Gagnon: 514-364-9808 Email
Québec City Region: Lucie Pagé: 418-623-2217 Email
Toronto/SW Ontario: Elizabeth Slanke: 514-449-6712 Email
Saskatchewan/Manitoba: Gwen McLean: 306-522-7388 Email
Alberta: Janyce Konkin: 403-270-0975 Email
British Columbia: Anne Hartnell: 604-560 9667 Email