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The work of IofC is greatly enhanced by the gifts of time and the skills of many people across Canada. Some step forward for a specific initiative, others take on a longer term commitment.

Would you like to volunteer for one of the programs, present an IofC video in your community, put on a fund raising event, train as a facilitator for the Creators of Peace Circles? Contact Admin or one of the program organisers.

Janyce KonkinJanyce Konkin, Alberta

Janyce works as Regional Projects Coordinator for Initiatives of Change (IofC), based in Calgary, Alberta. As Projects Coordinator she is responsible for overseeing and facilitating numerous initiatives such as: Trustbuilding and Forgiveness workshops; Creators of Peace Circles for Women; the Compass Program for Youth; as well as partnering, outreach and honest conversations with the business community, local organizations, and others in need.

In 2010 Janyce also undertook the Program Management of the Caux Forum for Human Security (, a 5-year initiative of IofC under the leadership of Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, in Caux, Switzerland.

Janyce is an alumnus of the University of Calgary, 2006, obtaining her BA in Communications & Culture with a Major in Development Studies and Minor in Law & Society.  During her undergrad Janyce traveled to Ghana for an internship with the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) where she worked on the government Truth & Reconciliation Report, and also determined the existence and commitment to social accountability and good governance practices within civil society and government structures. 

In 2010 Janyce received her Master’s Degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from the European University Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies (EPU) in Austria.  Her thesis was titled “First Do No Harm: A Comparative Analysis of African and Western Methods of Conflict Transformation.” 

Her main research interests lie in the areas of intercultural communication, healing memories and good governance practices.

Alvin ManitopyesAlvin Manitopyes

"I enjoy being part of a group of people who bring forth their individual convictions to work for the Creator in making this world a better place for all people. This is done through the power of silence and seeking God's guidance and sharing their thought provoking wisdom with all around them. The beauty is it may emerge in a Christian way or a Muslim way or in a First Nations Indigenous way. IofC embodies this sharing in a spirit of fellowship."

Alvin Manitopyes, volunteered his time by serving for a number of years on the IofC Council of Management.



Canada Volunteer Melanie KleinMelanie Klein

I was drawn to Initiatives of Change when I was enduring a personal transformation in my life! The support and love I felt within the community drew me to get more involved. Apart from interacting with the Toronto team, I was privileged to be part of the Initiatives of Change  delegation to Cancun,  where I met with some of the international members of IofC. There, I was grateful to learn in greater depth about pressing issues in the world.

More locally, I have been involved in the communications committee providing support to our online marketing and outreach through Facebook. I have worked at launching a  Creators of Peace Circle alongside Shaneeza Naszeer which was facilitated by Janyce Konkin from Calgary. This workshop provided women with some great tools to be better peacekeepers in their community through

effective listening, communication, forgiveness.  I was also humbled to have been chosen to be the Canadian contact for the Community of the Americas group, where I am looking forward to share ideas, stories, and be of greater service to the international IofC community.

Being a volunteer with IofC has been a great experience to meet people who share a passion for living with love, honesty, respect, and integrity. I found that throughout my journey with IofC I have become a better person. I hope to be connected with this organization for the years to come and to meet many new friends and perhaps go international one day!



IMG_20140911_155451_kindlephoto-13947202.jpg Samrawit A. Mersha

Samrawit Arayamedhin Mersha learned about IofC back home from her good friend Dawit, who was the chairperson of the Ethiopian Chapter. When she came to  Canada, she  contacted the Ottawa office and took part in the Multicultural Women’s Friendship Circle cultural exchange program in the fall of 2014.  Samrawit has served on the IofC Canada board with responsibility for the Communications portfolio from June 2015 – Dec. 2016. With her skills and training in communications, Samrawit  assumed the responsibility of communications coordinator and worked on communications strategy development and implementation, improving internal communications and managing social media. As a means of improving internal communication, she started "Members Update" - a monthly internal newsletter with news, updates, announcements, reflections and fun corner for members.

She says that the highlight of her involvement with IofC was when she  went to Caux representing IofC Canada Board and Communications Committee. “It was an amazing experience that can only be captured with the heart and mind” she explains.



Canadian Initiatives Newsletter

Susan Korah

Susan Korah is the editor of Canadian Initiatives, the quarterly newsletterof IofC Canada. A graduate of Carleton University’s Master of Journalism program, She has worked in both journalism and communications, and has written several articles and reports for the website of IofC International.  Her career has included working for several media organization including The Toronto Star, Belleville Intelligencer, Southam News Services, CKCU Radio--and also at the Representative Office (de facto embassy) of Taiwan in Ottawa and the Parliament of Canada.

She lives in Ottawa, where she is a member the Board of Directors of the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom. Her interests include human rights, especially women’s political rights, just governance, the media’s role in democracies, sustainable living, languages, and building bridges across the world’s cultural, religious and political divides.


Alessandro AnifowoseAlessandro Anifowose

Alessandro Anifowose is webmaster for the English site, working alongside Joy Newman; Calgary, AB and Anne Hartnell; Surrey, BC.

He took on the role of webmaster for the English language site in June 2009, to update the web with current news, articles, photos, and upcoming events.

As a student at the University of Calgary, Alessandro met Alex Ramirez and Monica Lopez as they developed the IofC Club on the university campus. He became a member of the club and went with others from Calgary to Caux, spending part of a summer as a Caux Intern on the IT, Technical and Sound team. Alessandro is based in Calgary and works at Canadian Pacific Railway as a Business Improvement Specialist.

Alessandro volunteers as a webmaster because he enjoys helping IofC to reach more people with its message of hope.

Geneviève Dick

Aged 31, Geneviève has completed a B.A. Honours in Philosophy from Concordia University, in Montreal. For the past five years she has translated many documents for Initiatives of Change Geneviève’s main interests include intercultural dialogue and the struggle against social inequalities, which help to motivate her political commitments. Since October 2013, she is webmaster for IofC Canada’s French language website.



Web team

Laurent Gagnon, Anne Hartnell and Joy Newman