Sunday, August 7, 2016

Calgary, May 5, 2016 — “I liked her honesty about things she has experienced,” said Nyawargak Joseph, a young Sudanese participant in the “Catch up with Ashley” session organized by Janyce Konkin, IofC’s Regional Coordinator of Programs in Alberta. “Her entire story motivated me to believe the South Sudanese Community can also benefit from the work of IofC.”

Nyawargak’s comment referred to Ashley Muller, whose journey with IofC started when she was a student at the University of Calgary and interned with the Trustbuilding program under Janyce Konkin’s mentorship. Now employed by IofC UK as Project Developer and Communications Officer, she was joyfully welcomed by the IofC team when she returned to Calgary for a visit. 

“IofC Calgary was so excited to welcome one of our own back home,” said Janyce. On hand to welcome Ashley and to learn from her IofC experiences were 25 people who attended the catch-up session.

After her internship with IofC Calgary, Ashley went on to become an intern at Caux in the summer of 2015 before being recruited by IofC UK. She highlighted her experiences with the Caux interns in Switzerland, Creators of Peace Circles in England, the Good Governance workshop in India, and her participation in Foundations for Freedom Dialogues in the Ukraine. Ashley was open and honest about learning to overcome her limited understanding of many of the issues she encountered on her travels.

Ashley ended with her own “Call to Action.” She challenged participants to be a changemaker and culture shifter. “Remember to reflect, dare to dream, welcome change, embrace your passion, and challenge your comfort zone,” she advised.

“Because of Ashley’s inspiring journey and willingness to share it, IofC Calgary has been the beneficiary of many new young volunteers,” says Janyce Konkin. “We are looking forward to engaging these new volunteers on the journey that is IofC.” Nyawargak Joseph, for example, a along with other members of her Sudanese Youth Group, committed to participating in “Compass,” an IofC Calgary program later in the summer.