Thursday, August 4, 2016

Montreal, June 6, 2016

Friday, June 3 was the official opening of IofC Canada’s 2016 AGM and Consultation weekend. 30 members, joined from time to time by ten online participants from across the country, met at Manoir d’ Youville for a weekend of reflection and decision-making. A First Nations ceremonial circle led by Nicole O’Bomsawin, Marie Émilie Lacroix and Lee Crowchild, and held outdoors next to the river bank, welcomed the gathering to the land of the Mohawk Nation. “Moving Forward Wholeheartedly” was the theme of the weekend.

Here are the highlights of AGM 2016. A full report of the outcomes will be provided soon.

  • During the day on Friday there was a pre-consultation meeting of staff and core volunteers to identify the strengths and challenges being experienced with IofC Canada from the point of view of those working most closely with the organization.
  • Saturday morning’s Annual General Meeting was followed by an afternoon focused on reflection and discussion about how to better collaborate to overcome organizational and personal challenges to being more effective together in IofC’s work.
  • After dinner on Saturday, each team presented an overview of their activities and programs. Participants discovered there were similar programs in a several locations which could benefit from deeper collaboration.
  • A long day of consultation was followed by a time of fun and relaxation as individuals and small groups shared their talents or interests with the weekend attendees.
  • Sunday morning was a time for reflecting on the discussions of the two previous days, and discerning how to best move forward to create a stronger and more financially viable IofC Canada.

Lorne Braun, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors thanked the AGM Planning Committee for many hours of effort: Jean-Noel Andre, Mary Ella Keblusek, Firyal Mohamed, Joseph Vumiliya, and Richard Weeks. He also expressed appreciation to Tim Hall for organizing the ‘virtual experience’ of the AGM and consultation weekend, allowing others across Canada to participate.

Mary Ella Keblusek, Ottawa