Monday, July 23, 2018

Spiritual gathering marks third anniversary of Quebec mosque shooting


Quebec City, January 28, 2018—This date marked the third anniversary of the shooting at the Great Mosque in Québec City. A spiritual gathering was organized by Catholic, Anglican, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders, and members of the First Nations Innu community including Marie Émilie Lacroix of IofC. This gathering open to all, believers and non-believers, was led by Artistic Director, Cyrille-Gauvin Francoeur and hosted by myself and Eve-Marie Lortie. Members of IofC and Passerelle Interculturelle were present.

We witnessed four key moments:


Testimony of the families of the victims and the orphans: We discovered the calm ordinary life of the martyrs, their attachment to the City of Québec and their positive contribution to the society. Moreover, the testimony of Madga Belkacemi, widow of one of the victims, was both overwhelming and bold. With much resilience, she extends her hand to build bridges between communities.


Song from young musicians of the world: Under the direction of Mr. Martin Racine, some youths composed a moving and inspirational song entitled: « Papa, tout bas ».


Prayers and religious songs: Different religious and spiritual groups prayed with respect and fraternity. Prayers from the Innu community of First Nations, then by Mgr Louis Corriveau, followed by the Anglicans, the cantor of the Jewish community of Québec City, Mr. Jacob Weil, and lastly by the Imam of the Mosque of the Capital, Mr. Mohamed Hafid. 


Rallying song Nous Sommes Tous Ensemble (We are all together) performed by Nancy Lapointe and Daniel Moisan. During this song, every contributor went on stage, hand in hand. We also had the honour of orphans of the shooting participating in the ceremony.


A total of 500 people were present at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse on the site of ExpoCité and lived this experience.

Khadija Saïd