Antoine Jaulmes

Antoine Jaulmes is an engineer from the Paris School of Mines (Paris Tech) later trained in business and finance at HEC Business School, Antoine Jaulmes has worked for 27 years with PSA Peugeot Citroën, holding various positions in production and R&D, ranging from cost controller to plant manager and project director - he was particularly happy to be involved in the launch of two new car assembly plants, one in France and one in Slovakia; he is now Director of the PSA-FIAT joint R&D Platform. A longstanding writer and currently Director of the publication of the French magazine Changer, he is also the Secretary of IofC France board, Vice-President of the Caux Foundation and a member of IofC International Council. His interests include protestant theology and inter-religious dialogue, reconciliation and change in professional as well as personal life, history, sport (rugby, a ruffian's game luckily played by gentlemen!), nature and garden. He has four Franco-Dutch children in their teens or early twenties. His conviction is that IofC has been endowed with a few keys which could help unlock our global crises and conflicts (bringing together opposed communities, overcoming religious barriers and other prejudices and creating dialogue; reconciling the spiritual and the material and helping each individual find a balance and a purpose in life…) and that it is the responsibility of IofC to offer support and contribute to solving issues currently threatening humanity in the best way possible. If we don’t do it, nobody will do it in our place.