This documentary film depicts the journey of two South Africans to bring healing and reconciliation to their country post-Apartheid.

Ginn Fourie and Letlapa Mphalele form an unlikely pair: a black atheist man and a white Christian woman. One has suffered directly from actions of the other, but both have been victims - and risen beyond their pain. What brings them together is a profound story of tragedy, forgiveness and hope.


Available in English and French (subtitled). Additional subtitles in Arabic, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


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Facilitators & Peacebuilding Practitioners

Initiatives of Change has the belief that education and raising awareness on themes of conflict resolution, forgiveness and peace building is important. Our hope is that the work we do through educational outreach is meaningful and significant to individuals, within communities and is a question we can reflect and consider across the world.

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We are excited to offer a study guide with each copy of the film. This resource can be used by invididuals seeking personal growth, as well as practitioners seeking a tool for group discussion.

Educational Opportunities
We aim to bring the Beyond Forgiving film to universities and secondary schools. The film is not only relevant to those that study peace, conflict resolution, human rights and reconciliation. Beyond Forgiveness is a profound story of both tragedy and hope and it can be significant to all. It has a great deal of potential as a focus for workshop discussion in all sorts of situations. From an educational perspective, we hope that the film can broaden perspectives and inspire acceptance of different religions and belief systems in action towards peace.

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Beyond Forgiving is a beautifully crafted film about two people's journey of forgiveness. Emerging through trauma, pain and finally towards transformation, the film gives voice to a humanity born out of intense sorrow, and shows forgiveness as a way of living creatively with the problem of irreversibility.’
Marina Cantacuzino, Founder of The Forgiveness Project

Beyond Forgiving depicts real experiences of real people who lived through the horror of injustice, violence and personal loss.  As hard as it is to understand, they show us in this film that we can transcend the horror and hurt of the past and go beyond forgiving to reconcile and help others. An extraordinary idea, full of hope!’
Professor Gerald Pillay, Vice Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University

Beyond Forgiving is moving testament to the redemptive power of the human spirit, which transcends religion and race. A black atheist male, and white Christian female, are united in a powerful journey of forgiveness. By owning the 'shadow' within themselves and their collective histories, they recognize their common humanity. Their story demonstrates that those who have suffered extraordinary pain and injustice on both sides of any conflict, can become 'wounded healers' - for the greater good of our world.’
Revd. Sheena Gabriel, Unitarian Minister & Accredited Counselor

Awards & Screenings

Recently the film won the Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival - Spirituality, Religion and Vision for the role played by Ginn Fourie and Letlapa Mphalele striving for peace within themselves and for forming strong and healthy alliances with others.

In November Beyond Forgiving was screened to 24 young adults at the School for Changemakers Reunion at Greencoat Place, the IofC centre in London, UK.
Howard Grace, Producer of the film, led a 90 mins Q&A session.

Production Team

Director & Producer: Imad Karam

Executive Producer: Howard Grace

Director of Photography: Andrew Hinton

Edit Producer: Adam Woods

Post Production: David Halpern