Monday, October 5, 2015

IofC Canada’s Board of Directors met in Ottawa for two days with the goals of getting to know one another better, identifying key issues and strategizing on ways forward.

Our starting point was the material gathered at the 2015 AGM in Calgary. It both painted the picture of where IofC Canada is currently at and pointed the direction for a desired future as envisioned by the many people who contributed their prayers, dreams and hopes for what they see IofC Canada being and doing.

Three priorities that came clearly out of the Calgary AGM, and which the Board has confirmed, are:

  1. Follow up to Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  2. Building bridges between groups
  3. Youth engagement and mobilization


Members discuss IofC directions at 2015 Annual General Meeting

The three aspects you will hear more about in the coming months are communications, finances and fundraising.

A communications strategy is being formulated out of which a communications plan for the coming years will be developed. We all have a responsibility to be timely, inclusive and clear in our communications with each other.

Finance continues to be an area of concern. We need to seriously address our future financial health. The options, as always, include reflections on both income and expenditure. The budgeting process has now begun for both 2016 and 2017.

Fundraising is an aspect of our work that needs attention. Fundraising success does not rely on only one approach or one small group of people. We all have the ability to share what we believe in with others. At the heart of fundraising is inviting people to join us in carrying out the work we value. We need to consider what efforts are needed nationally and what individual teams can do in securing funds for the projects they put forward. We honor the commitment and dedicated efforts of so many people in the past and present. What should we do now to secure the future?

We believe that the work we do together has value and needs to continue. We all have a role to play in helping build a healthy and relevant Initiatives of Change in Canada. Let us look forward together with confidence.

Lorne Braun, Board Co-Chair, Vancouver