Wednesday, January 25, 2017

IofC values highlighted at Calgary Cambodian youth peace celebration

Calgary, October 22, 2016—it was a landmark celebration as the Cambodian Khmer Krom Youth  Association (KKYA)   of Calgary marked 25 years since the signing of the Paris Peace Accord that finally put an end to the Cambodia-Vietnam war.

The association once again invited Janyce Konkin, IofC’s Regional Coordinator of Programs in Alberta to address the gathering.

“This year I chose to speak on the role of forgiveness in healing and reconciliation,” said Janyce. 

Quoting from her speech, she said she told participants that: “When everyone feels valued, respected, loved and forgiven, then we are able to build the trust that is at the very basis of living together in this world.”

In closing Janyce said: “The values of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love are the glue that we need to cultivate in ourselves to impact our own actions of forgiveness and to inspire those people around us.”