Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nineteen participants attended Calgary’s Spring Tea and Open House on April 22nd. Participants viewed IofC Canada's new introductory video, and listened as Janyce Konkin, organizer of the event, highlighted the local work done over the past 2 years as well as the four main focus areas as approved by the Board of Directors last year.

The participants then discussed three main themes: (1) how well do they believe IofC locally is meeting its goals and objectives; (2) how have IofC’s four pillars impacted their own lives and discuss personal changes that have occurred that participants may wish to share with others; and, (3) think of other ways for IofC to be involved and to promote the basic tenet for people to change themselves first and then take focused action.

After a lively hour-long conversation, participants formed one large round table to discuss results.  Some ideas were:

  • Start a once a month Open House for drop-in discussions, meeting people where they are at in the moment, offering support and dialogue around the four pillars.
  • Connect with schools to develop values-based training for all age groups (primary to high school), developing tools relevant to each age group.
  • Two University students involved with IofC have decided to organize an event at the local University.  Further discussion and planning will take place before implementation.
  • Overcoming Radicalization (one “R”) by implementing 4 R’s:  Relationship building; Reflection (Quiet Time connecting to a higher power); Repentance (the need to clean up our own act first); and Retelling (sharing stories of personal change to encourage others).

The Calgary team would like to take this opportunity to thank volunteer Marilyn Wagner-Waddell for her commitment and support throughout the planning and implementation of this event, and Rachneet Randhawa and Joy Newman for also stepping forward to help make the day run smoothly.

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