Sunday, January 28, 2018
Quebec participants in Caux Forum learn art of peacebuilding after conflict

Last summer, four people from IofC Quebec participated in the Caux Forum-- Ferdinand Djayerombe Vaweka, Sébastien Brissette, Arber Fétiu and I.

At a meeting held on November 2 at the Maison Bellarmin in Montreal, Ferdinand Djayerombe and I shared our Caux experience with IofC members and others. Noteworthy was the Just Governance for Human Security session.

The Caux Forum sessions were mostly based on the conditions necessary to build a strong foundation for human security. These are just governance, the fight against corruption and violence, social justice and the establishment of peace. 

Among the participants attending the peace building sessions were former belligerents: Lebanese, Malians, Ukrainians, Turks-Kurds-Armenians and Afro-Americans from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Facilitators included an ex-member of the American Skin Head movement and Letlapa Mphahlele, former chief of the liberation army during apartheid in South Africa, who is one of the protagonists in the IofC film Beyond Forgiving.

Each attendee gave a testimony filled with as much pain as hope. The pain is due to the dramas lived and the continued effects of resentment and unhealed wounds. The hope comes from heartfelt repentance and their determination to actively seek peace. They have become peace builders.   

I am grateful to Lucette Schneider of Switzerland and IofC Canada for making possible my trip to Caux, and I am very encouraged in my commitment to the spirit of IofC and Caux.

Mohamed Bounegta, Montreal