Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Caux Interns Leadership Program is for people who care about personal and global change; and who have the courage to challenge themselves to make a difference. This summer the faculty added a new component to the program, which drew in a wider network of people from the global fellowship who have years of experience with IofC. Each intern was connected with someone who was not in Caux this year.

From my home in Surrey, BC I was linked with Ana Gargollo a trainee /intern from Mexico City. I was delighted to engage through email with her. She is currently in her fourth year at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, specializing in urban sustainability. She is interested in anything that has to do with sustainability and development.

At three points during the program, the participants wrote a reflective essay about their experience and learnings. Themes the trainees were asked to give thought to were: I take my home everywhere I go, Inviting out my better self and As I go down the mountain.

My role was to respond with questions that might encourage the trainee to go deeper into some part of the reflection, to share from my own experience something that might be of value, and make observations on what was written. I appreciated her openness and sharing throughout this process, which made it a very enjoyable experience.

I am looking forward to meeting her face to face in the coming weeks.

Anne Hartnell, Surrey, BC