Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Citizen Project Update

As an outgrowth of the Plains of Abraham event, the Citizen Project’s stated purpose was to invite communities and individuals of all backgrounds to fully and actively participate in the reconciliation process and to build relationships with respect and dignity for the survivors of residential schools. Three public forums were held in Victoriaville Peace Festival: at the First Nations Festival in Montreal and in Quebec City. Each event was attended by several participants from 13 different regionsof Quebec and 11 First Nations, as well as international participants from various countries.  
The Citizen Project was created by IofC and Espace Art Nature from Neuville and followed by the Circles of Trust and then by Communities in Circle, both are spaces for meeting, listening and dialogue between Quebecois of all origins and every year we jointly organize a big gathering in August at Mount Royal in Montreal.  

Joseph Vumiliya