Compass Program

What direction is your life taking?

A program designed to help youth (ages 16-30) find direction in their lives

  • 25 hr interactive course
  • Variety of workshop options (i.e., once/week x 5 weeks; full weekend, etc.)

Compass programWho Am I?   Discover the different elements (both present & past) that define who you are at this moment in your life.

Who Will I Be?  Work through elements related to our fears, values, passions, role models, etc. to define a life vision of where we want our lives to go.  How does this personal life vision relate to the rest of the world, and how will it affect the world in which future generations will live? 

Walking the Talk:  Tools are provided that help you to set and achieve goals that will enable you to move closer to your own vision of who you wish to be.

“At this point in my life, I am looking for direction and hoping to be led onto the right path. I am realizing that a good life is created through good decisions and the compass program helped me to elucidate my core values and goals.”  
Nicole, UofCalgary (2010)