Saturday, June 25, 2016

Roy Henry Vickers book launch Vancouver

Peace Dancer, by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert (Lucky) Budd is the fourth and final book in their legend series. The book launch took place on June 11th in Vancouver and also marked Roy Henry Vickers 70th birthday. Speaking to a mixed age audience of almost 150 people the two men told of their collaboration over the past 5 years. ‘The message of this legend is more important than ever” said Vickers.

“We have to clean up our act. We have a greater ability to completely destroy this planet and so we also have an ability to heal it. To me the lessons of the story are to return to love and respect for our Mother Earth. It is a message for all ages and for the leaders of the world”. 

listening to the wisdom of quiet voices

As Chris Hartnell asked Roy Henry Vickers to sign a copy of the book, he mentioned the Healing Tides of Change IofC international conference at UBC in 1991 and Roy’s gift of his art, Westcoast Sunset for the invitation. He recalled that it was through Victoria artist Elizabeth Goward they both met. 

Chris presented Roy with a copy of Listening to the Wisdom of Quiet Voices document, and pointed him to a photo on page 17, which shows a much younger Roy presenting the Honourable David Lam, then Lieutenant Governor of BC, with a framed painting of Westcoast Sunset. 
The cover design is by Red Thunder (Lee Crowchild) of the Tsuu T'ina Nation, Alberta and the document traces the involvement of Indigenous People with Initiatives of Change for over 70 years around the world.

Anne Hartnell

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