Creators of Peace Canada is part of Creators of Peace International, a program of Initiatives of Change. Launched in 1991, Creators of Peace now operates globally through conferences, community building activities, workshops, and personal encounters.

  • In over 30 countries worldwide, Creators of Peace teams or supporters use the ‘Creators of Peace Circle’.
  • Creators of Peace Circles empower women to be radical peace-builders, starting in their own lives and communities. They believe that peace starts with each individual, who can be a powerful agent for positive change in society by building peace in herself, her family and her community.

Creators of PeaceSmall community gatherings of women, representing the diversity of a local area, meet regularly to work through material designed to deepen their friendship and understanding of their peace creating capabilities. Together they work through specially designed material, developing understanding of the nature of peace and the role of each person in destroying or creating it.  The focus is on applying this learning to trust and friendship-building within the group, as well as exploring areas of common concern in the local community.

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Thursday, 19 November, 2020

Peace Circles Online

Thursday, 05 December, 2019

Cecilia (Thembi) Silundika was presented with the Women Economic Forum’s (WEF) ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ award this past week in during their ‘WEF London 2019: Sustainable Development Goals – Women Leading the Way’ event.

Sunday, 28 January, 2018
Peace Circles in Syria

Inter-religious conflict, simmering below the surface or erupting into open war, has been a feature of life in many Middle Eastern countries for years. Iman Al Ghafari recounts how the peace circles she courageously leads in her native Syria and in Lebanon, change hearts and minds. Here are excerpts from her report.