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Peace Days 2023


As part of the 2023 Peace Days, Initiatives of Change Canada is pleased to invite you to celebrate the International Day of Peace on Place Gérald-Godin (Mont-Royal Metro exit) in Montreal, on September 21. 2pm - 5:30pm


Peace Days 2023

The event is organized by members of the September 21 Collectif in collaboration with the Network for Peace and Social Harmony and will take place from 2pm to 5:30pm EDT. On the program, there will be an interactive theater with the Collective -Theater of the Oppressed to involve passers-by in a better understanding of peace and non-violence leading to a culture of peace and dialogue; the activity “Porteurs de parole” where passers-by will be invited to share messages of non-violence and write them on colored sheets; and musical entertainment.

Joseph Vumiliya