Monday, June 29, 2015

Beyond Forgiving film launch in Quebec encourages four solitudes to work together

Quebec City, June 11, 2015-- After several months of ground work with five partner organizations, Beyond Forgiving, the  IofC  film made in South Africa, was screened to an  audience of  56 diversified and enthusiastic participants in the spirit of the evening’s theme:  “To come out of our solitudes - Dare to build together.”

After the film screening, four chosen participants --each one representing one of the four ‘solitudes’ of Canada (aboriginals, French, English and new immigrants) --gave a testimony and made a link with the film in the context of Quebec. All witnesses spoke from their heart, deeply moved the audience, and gave hope as well as ideas on how to face their needs together.

They were: Marie-Émilie Lacroix, a First Nations Innu teacher and author.  Denis Paquin, oblate priest, author and psychologist, Cynthia Patterson, deacon, wife of the Anglican bishop of Quebec City, and Olga Garcia from  Mexico, teacher working with diverse immigrant communities.

After a long time of silence participants were invited to share their own deep convictions on the relevance of the film and its use in the region.

Each partner contributed to the success of this event at all stages from planning and promotion to services during the launch. IofC and some partners are forming a committee to prepare a follow- up to this activity. There is a future.

Laurent Gagnon, Joseph Vumiliya, Montreal