Friday, December 13, 2013

Uhambe Kakuhle Zondwa!

Sam Pono(Zondwa, like Madiba, is Mandela’s descending clan name from the royal Abathembu House, which happens to be my cultural home as well). As we were having supper round the television, listening to the various tributes paid to the fallen father of our nation, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I was notably struck by a young boy’s message of homage at the loss of our beloved great son. It sounded like a musical lament to my ears:

'Umthomkhulu uwile, 
isithonga sivakele
gaphaya komlambo.'
(Translation): The giant tree has fallen,
the impact is felt way beyond the river.

This says it all because yes, Madiba was our Leader in South Africa and Africa, but not us alone, but the universe at large. Indeed, 'The world comes into our hearts today'. We are willing to share him with the entire globe because he belongs to the world, and the world is his home. He is leaving the world a better place than it was when he came.

Mthembo mde, ngenene ngenene, you managed ably to prove beyond doubt your wisdom and courage to handle the world’s great imposters like hatred, power, fear, doubt, pride, greed, jealousy and vanity. You have tirelessly taught us what happens when a person follows in the footsteps of the divine Lamb and eternal Father. Farewell comrade, your quality of life makes us to believe that “yes we can”.

By Mxolisi Samuel Pono
Member of the Madiba/Thembu Clan
Board Member of Initiatives of Chang
 e South Africa

 NOTE: Individuals of many cultures, nationalities, religions, and beliefs are actively involved with Initiatives of Change. These commentaries represent the views of the writer and not necessarily those of Initiatives of Change as a whole.