Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quebec City, February 28 -- Finally, the unwritten law of silence has been broken; our women and daughters will not go through what our mothers and grandmothers endured. Too many of us, indigenous and Quebecois women, are still missing (2000 in 30 years). This circle of pain is becoming a circle of truth.

At IofC’s international centre in Caux, last summer, I was part of the Creators of Peace program and I thought a lot of those women. There is finally hope with the new Canadian government because, for the first time, the Minister of Justice is indigenous. On top of that, a national inquiry into missing women, and eventually missing children, is in preparation. The silence has been broken. The Quebecois population now knows what is happening; they are showing solidarity. A new chapter of history is being written inclusive of everyone.

Part of the solution is in educating and raising the awareness of our communities and of the general public. It is about making people aware of the tools that are available in Quebec. Many of our youth have risen to the challenge by leaving their village to acquire those qualifications which  brought me also to inner change. The first step must start from the inside; our peoples have always got back on their feet and been resilient.

After hearing stories and reading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report on Indian residential Schools, the time has come to act together.  We are called now to show good faith and trust for the sake of this country becoming harmonious and more human.

IofC has always played a part in this effort and will continue to do so.

Marie Émilie Lacroix, Quebec City Area