Looking Forward - Global Indigenous Dialogue

At the initiative of Lewis CardinalThe Global Indigenous Dialogue is an official project of Initiatives of Change Canada but operates independently. 

Lewis Cardinal is a communicator and educator; he has dedicated his life’s work to creating and maintaining connections and relationships that cross cultural divides.  The Global Indigenous Dialogue (GID) will come together for various events for GID in 2023.

The vision for GID-2023 and beyond is to continue the journey toward peace, healing and reconciliation. A lot has happened in the world since the last GID Caux dialogue of 2009 in Caux, Switzerland. Today, more than ever, the world is faced with an increased urgency to live in right relations and peace with each other and Mother Earth. Indigenous wisdom and knowledge, as shared through story and ceremony, continues to show us that there are applicable ways in which we can achieve balance, harmony and reconciliation. Indigenous peoples from around the world are applying their ancient knowledges to make change, and implementing processes to return to balance and harmony. Their actions speak loudly of the urgency for a great reconciliation.

This GID, therefore, will bring together Indigenous peoples and go beyond the sharing of political struggles of the past.  But it will also be a goal to include non-indigenous voices and focus on equipping young leaders for a better future; to share concrete best practices and case studies found in their unique projects, technologies, and programs that are changing their communities and their relationship with Mother Earth; and to foster hope for humanity. Most importantly, the best practices shared can be transferred and applied by anyone willing to receive the learnings.

Next steps:

  1. Seek Canadian participation, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to create a core team.
  2. Seek volunteers to help with coordination and logistics for GID proceedings, i.e. website, social media and online meetings prep.
  3. Visit to Australia and New Zealand in February and March 2023 to promote GID and participate in Australia’s Trustbuilding Program, learning from Indigenous leaders there sharing best practices and learnings from Canada, with a focus on Treaties.
  4. Online international presentation hosted by GID of successful Indigenous initiatives in Canada for IofC and non-IofC participation.
  5. Seek ways to bring healing, understanding, and reconciliation between Indigenous/non-Indigenous communities in Canada and beyond, and work together for the future as good allies.
  6. Meet in Caux, July 2023 with IofC International with Indigenous leaders/partners, with hybrid online access. Participation in 'Healing the wounds of the past' to be held in Caux, Switzerland July 18 - 22, 2023 with delegates from around the world.
  7. Compilation of best practices and learning shared with global partners, including how to create and maintain good "allyship".


For further information on the history of worldwide Indigenous initiatives download Listening to the Wisdom of Quiet Voices