Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quebec City, January 25, 2016

I was born in Casablanca, Morocco. I think of myself as Canadian by nationality, French by heart, Moroccan by origin, Muslim by faith and Quebecoise in my soul.

I have been living for a few years now in La Belle Province, and I remember that, when I first got off the plane, what came to mind was: “My God, help me be useful to the society that I chose and that is welcoming me.”

I immediately fell in love with Quebec City and its inhabitants. I found an honourable job and I spend most of my free time volunteering. It was easy, surely and slowly, to fit into my new country, to joyfully discover its culture, its history, and its traditions. But I have not acquired one habit. I don’t use any of the swear words, out of respect for the sacred and for the Church.

Through repeated contacts with Quebec people, I have learned consensus and conciliation. I even became calm, cool and collected whereas before, I was more impulsive, in true Mediterranean fashion. I want to live in peace and to respect social justice. I practice my Muslim religion in dignity and simplicity, without any proselytizing.

At Initiatives of Change, I am involved with ‘Intercultural Bridge’ a committee created after the launch of the movie Beyond Forgiving on June 11, 2015. Our objective is to promote the values of respect, sharing and openness.

I am also committed to YWCA Quebec. Last year, on November 25, during the benefit evening “From Darkness to Light”, along with other women from the greater Quebec City area, I was an ambassador for homeless women.

I am ultimately convinced that together, we will build a strong and radiant Quebec, as a pluralistic society, free and anchored in its traditions.

Khadija, Quebec City