Thursday, October 29, 2015

“You never know where life takes you" Janyce Konkin, Regional Coordinator of IofC programs in Alberta, repeatedly tells me.

Three months ago, when my life collapsed and plunged to the bottom, I met Janyce. After an hour’s talk, she suggested that I might want to take the Compass Program. We agreed that I would do an internship and help to organize it. That was the best decision I made in my life.

As an intern, I luckily have been fully engaged in this program including talking to different people and sharing experiences. Janyce accepted my idea of adding a panel discussion at the end of the program, so I sought out two "successful” people with clear life goals to share their experiences. Listening to their stories inspired us profoundly.

Three Saturdays went quickly with Janyce's penetrating classes. Every Saturday I looked forward to meeting my "classmates" and curiously wondered: "What thought-provoking discussions will Janyce have for us today". By sharing, listening, self-reflecting, and quiet time thinking, I am gradually growing. 

Having entered the internship with doubt in myself, with confusion about life, with unclear goals towards my future, I finished the program with a confident smile and firm tone to explain my "future vision" poster. Now the "future me" poster has been taped on my fridge and will remind me every day what I want to attract to my life.

I can't show more appreciation to IofC, to Janice and to my "classmates".

I still don't know where life is taking me, but for sure I know what my passion is how and where to start to change from within myself, to achieve a better world.

Yi Tang, Calgary