Monday, January 29, 2018
IofC Canada has important role in world says IofC International communications manager

Caux, Switzerland, November 6, 2017--. Last spring, I had the chance to visit Canada and it was a very memorable one. I am deeply grateful to Mary Ella Keblusek and her husband Andrew for their support and warm welcome.

One highlight was definitely my visit to Montreal for the Blanket Exercise (a simulation activity that sensitizes participants to the indigenous experience).  It was very touching and emotional for me to experience history from the Canadian indigenous perspective.  I remember how hurt my heart was, and I realized how important the work is that we are all doing.

Another highlight of my time in Canada was when Thembi Silundika introduced me to the Kumik, a ceremony of the First Nations. I learned about how the First Nations look at life, and also how Canada deals with its diverse population. I hope it will be rel-ived in some ways, as I think there is still a lot of trust building to be done with native peoples all around the world.

I want to express my deep appreciation to Iof C Canada for welcoming me to your beautiful country, and to encourage all of you to keep going with your wonderful work. I deeply believe that IofC Canada has something very important to give, not only to our network but to the whole world.

Marlene Zurgilgen, Caux, Switzerland