Monday, May 1, 2017

Members of the IofC team in Québec region - Robert Lapointe, Marie Émilie Lacroix and Lucie Pagé - participated in the "Spring of Alternatives" event organized by the Network of the Social Forum Chaudière-Appalaches on Saturday April 22, 2017 in Quebec City.  The event was organised to bring together organizations and citizen groups in Quebec region involved in various social sectors in order to offer information and workshops to the population.    


There were several kiosks with representatives from various member organizations of the network - some of them are partners with Initiatives of Change: Capmo, Development and Peace, and Espace Art Nature. People went from one kiosk to another, depending on their interests.


Members of the IofC team in the Québec region, Robert Lapointe, Marie Émilie Lacroix and Lucie Pagé participated in the workshops and gave information on IofC to the kiosks during the exchanges.


Marie Émilie Lacroix and Lise Gauvreau, members of Intercultural Bridge, presented the Blanket Exercise with the organization Development and Peace in collaboration with André-Georges Toupin and Jessy Lépine, who are friends of IofC.


“People have been touched by the exercise and the sharing was enriching. We also talked about IofC and the Intercultural Bridge. People want more activities for dialogue.  Following our meetings with people of different cultures, we could move forward with people from diverse cultures and organize activities. IofC could have a kiosk next year”, says Lucie Pagé.

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