Thursday, October 29, 2015

The launch of the film Beyond Forgiving in Quebec City on June 11 is still bearing fruit thanks to the promotion, the event itself, and follow-up phases built into the activity. The motivation of IofC’s five partner organizations has been paramount to this success as they aimed to meet some needs in their region. Of the 56 participants who attended the screening that evening, the majority expressed a desire to engage in other activities in the same spirit.

On August 13, a follow-up committee made up of four representatives from those partner organizations and three from IofC was set up, and has been meeting every month. Each activity is planned to ensure the active participation of the ‘four solitudes’ -– Aboriginals, French, English and more recent immigrants. A first public meeting open to previous participants and to anyone interested will take place on November 11.

In the same vein, preparations for a film launch in Montreal in March 2016 are under way with partners and others who share the same convictions.

Laurent Gagnon and Joseph Vumiliya (Montreal, Quebec)

Photo (right to left): Khadija Said, Laurent Gagnon, Marie Émilie Lacroix, Lucie Pagé and Joseph Vumiliya.