Friday, January 20, 2017

Quebec City, November 30, 2016 - Our team has been meeting monthly since 1990. Eight to ten people meet for two hours and share thoughts around texts chosen for their relevance to the IofC approach.

Examples are Dynamic Out of Silence: Frank Buchman's Relevance for Today, and Frank Buchman’s Secret, by Peter Howard, Buchman’s successor.

The team is now going through reflective exchanges around the recent book of priest and sociologist Jacques Grand’Maison of Montreal,  Ces valeurs dont on parle si peu (Those forgotten values). This was written in the same vein as the books on Frank Buchman, the founder of IofC.

Our exchanges revolve around excerpts from the above-mentioned texts, and are deepened through self-reflection as a way for everyone to view his or her own life experience based on Frank Buchman’s approach that change starts with oneself. People share their convictions born out of who they are, and then they find echoes of the text in their own lives and in our current world. Furthermore, three people of African ascent and one from a First Nation joined the team, and have enriched it with their convictions and experiences.

One of the objectives we pursue as a team is to create and facilitate partnerships with other organisations. Thus every year, we organize two or three public meetings allowing the rapprochement between people of different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

For instance, we presented the “Blanket” exercises (a teaching tool) to different audiences to raise their awareness of colonial history and to sensitize them to the reality of Aboriginal peoples. We also arranged screenings of IofC-produced documentaries telling stories of forgiveness and reconciliation such as Beyond Forgiving (South Africa) and The Imam and the Pastor (Nigeria).

Yvon Matte, Donnacona