Saturday, July 21, 2018

IofC Quebec joins partners in taking an honest look at poverty

What logical link could be made between these three concepts— poverty, prejudice and pleasure? It is difficult to make the link without honest reflection and putting aside our own prejudices. Therefore, on May 8, Passerelle Interculturelle, an organization created by IofC, and Development and Peace (another NGO), hosted an evening open to the public to question ourselves on this topic. After taking time to look at every banner illustrating each of the prejudices held against the less fortunate of the city, we opened up the discussion.

Everyone was invited to share their thoughts on the most controversial and perplexing banners depicting attitudes towards poverty.

To question ourselves, analyze and understand enables us not to judge too quickly. I don’t need to tell you that prejudices have their source in ignorance, fear of the difference, of the one who makes us uncomfortable. That person bothers me because he or she calls into questions my personal values from my comfort zone. It’s not easy to look inward, face and analyze this discomfort; it’s easier to reject and forget.

What I retain from this rich event is that I can look at poverty with the eyes of my heart. I can be thankful for having had a journey with fewer burdens, and take another step to know and acknowledge a less fortunate person. It is a stranger who is my brother, my sister, a potential friend. It was our final suggestion.

Marie Émilie Lacroix