Tuesday, June 27, 2017

IofC Video Launched

On June 14, 2017, the IofC team in Ottawa gathered to launch the 5½ minute introductory video produced in English and French.  The video entitled Initiatives of Changes: Building Bridges Across Canada is added to the many tools that IofC uses to reach its target audiences and was produced by IofC Communications and MRA Productions. After screening the videos, Samrawit A. Mersha, IofC Canada’s communications coordinator, briefed the audience on the production, objectives, and the next steps in using the video to engage individuals, groups and communities with IofC Canada.

The video has been embedded on the homepage of IofC Canada’s website and has been uploaded to the IofC YouTube channel. The video has also been shared through social media like Facebook and Twitter.  

The English version can be seen here: 

The occasion created an opportunity for the IofC community in Ottawa to meet Marlene Zurgilgen, Communications Manager at IofC International, who is visiting Canada from Switzerland. After introducing herself to the group, Marlene shared her vision for reaching out and communicating the hundreds of inspiring stories of change and reconciliation to the new generation.