Sunday, January 22, 2017

Montreal, November 26, 2016 - Following some health problems of Laurent Gagnon--the provincial IofC coordinator in Quebec who had held these responsibilities for many years -- it was necessary to evaluate the situation and to start a transition process.

We had the privilege of an excellent ‘candidate’ in the person of Joseph Vumiliya, originally from Rwanda and already working full time with IofC as project manager in the province for nearly three years.

Discernment and unanimous decision

Even if it seemed obvious that Joseph was best placed to assume this role, and had capably fulfilled his tasks as project manager, discernment and inclusiveness had to be at the heart of this move. So 15 persons from Montreal, Quebec City and Victoriaville were consulted in November, and they unanimously and trustfully expressed their support.

The Board of IofC Canada then approved a resolution to that effect on November 26, 2016.

All expressed their thanks to Joseph for his spirit of service.

Message from Laurent

« Far from being a resignation from my initial life calling and mission which started in 1972, this is a new phase, in a different way. Thanks to everyone for your trust and to the growing number of those who accept to spread the spirit of IofC as a gift to share. »

Lise Gagnon, Montreal