Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mary McLeod Bethune  - an inspiration


‘I listened to God this morning and the thought came to me,

“Any idea that keeps anybody out is too small for this age—open your heart and let everybody in—every class, every race, every nation.”’

Mary McLeod Bethune addressing a World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament, July 1954, Caux, Switzerland. (printed in full on pages 56-58 of this book.) Published by Indiana University Press


Aged 13, I was at a conference in Caux when my beloved grandfather died. I wandered into the theatre where the film “The Crowning Experience”, based on the life of Mary McLeod Bethune, was being shown. I was deeply moved by it and specially by the song “Wade Out”, so magnificently sung by the mezzo-soprano Muriel Smith. Over the years, the life and work of this great lady continues to inspire me.


Among IofC Canada’s Archives is an article written by McLeod Bethune in the Chicago Defender, on April 24, 1954, entitled “Moral Re-Armament Movement Heavily Felt in Africa”. In it, Mary McLeod Bethune described her gratitude for the work of MRA in Africa. She became involved in the work of MRA later in life, and wrote articles in support of MRA and its work.

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