Sunday, January 28, 2018
Meeting goals in challenging times: Topic of AGM, Board retreat

At our virtual AGM on June 17, we discussed the financial situation of IofC Canada. Before that, local teams in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver held meetings, partly to discuss staffing needs.

Despite some response to our request for funds, our reserves continue to decline. Because of this, we will be making significant staffing changes.

Janyce Konkin, regional coordinator, Alberta, will complete her employment in December, and remain on a reduced contract status for the first six months of 2018. Joseph Vumiliya, regional coordinator, Quebec, will at the end of 2017 move from full-time to half-time. Both Janyce and Joseph will have the opportunity to increase their work time with IofC Canada through grants and personal fundraising. Mary Ella Keblusek is now covering administrative functions at the Ottawa office during parts of two days per week.

Board changes

The Board also has undergone some changes. Mercy Okalowe was elected to the Board at the AGM. Aron Tegenfeldt resigned, as his business expanded to require more of his time. The Board has appointed Ignacio Koudoglo of Repentigny, Quebec, to fill Aron’s remaining term.Jean-Noël André and Lorne Braun continue as Co-Chairs, Firyal Mohamed is Secretary, and Karen Bambonye will transition the Treasurer role to Ignacio Koudoglo. Thembi Silundika continues as lead on communications, supported by Mercy Okalowe and others on Outreach.

Retreat November 10-12

In accordance with our by-laws the board is required to have at least one face-to-face meeting annually.

A retreat in Neuville, Quebec, with all members of the Board, fulfilled this requirement. Guided by the IofC preamble, we reflected on different aspects of our work over the year. The consensus was to focus on trust building as a priority. The challenges of limited resources were discussed. We meditated on ways that IofC can meet its goals regardless.

Lorne Braun, Board Co-Chair, Vancouver