Thursday, August 11, 2016

As the world watches the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Initiatives of Change is pleased to release a historic film from the port of Rio. Men of Brazil tells the true story of Brazilian port workers struggle in the 1950s which saw the first democratic election in the history of the port.

We celebrate the dedication and courage of the Brazilian port workers and their families in telling their story and of IofC’s work over the years in Brazil by presenting this film online.

In the port of Rio de Janeiro in the 1950’s strikes and lawlessness had created what the newspapers called “a reign of terror,” port workers trained in Moral Re-Armament / Initiatives of Change brought a revolutionary answer. They united the rival unions, they fought corruption, they drastically reduced the turn-around time of ships, they held the first democratic election in the history of the port. They have told the story in their film Men of Brazil, which was nominated for a Golden Bear Award at the 1960 Berlin International Film Festival.

An article entitled “Ordinary Brazilians doing Extraordinary things” written by Luis Puig tells more of the history behind making the film  and the remarkable teamwork and outreach of IofC’s work in Brazil.

“Honesty with their wives, with their bosses and with each other, together with vision for their country, were the experiences brought together in what became the film Men of Brazil. In it, each man acted his own part in the true story. Highly motivated, these men and their wives, some illiterate, did something that surprised and interested other sectors of society. The film was made possible by the voluntary work of professionals and generous contributions from different parts of the world. Dubbed into 23 languages it has been shown on nearly every continent, especially in the ports”.

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A meeting of rivals: Nelson Marcellino (left), leader of the official union and head of the baggage warehouse, and Damasio Cardoso (right), cranedriver and a leader of the unofficial union.

Homens do Brasil was filmed in Rio in the 1960’s. Originally shot in Portuguese, this film was dubbed in 23 languages and screened throughout the world. Now digitally remastered from our international film archives in Switzerland, Initiatives of Change is pleased to present the dubbed English version: Men of Brazil.

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