Friday, January 20, 2017


MRA Productions leaves rich legacy of storytelling through films


Surrey, BC, December 31, 2016--For over 30 years Initiatives of Change Canada has operated MRA Productions / FLT Films North America in partnership with the UK and the United States for the production and distribution of powerful stories of change through film and video.

Initiatives of Change has kept pace with the changing technology from 16mm film to VHS to DVD. Today a YouTube channel features current stories of change. ( and a Vimeo channel features archival films as early as the beginning of the movement ( DVD use has been steadily declining and audiences have shifted to viewing film and video online.

Therefore it is with deep gratitude for all the partners involved that MRA Productions / FLT Films North America wrapped up on December 31, 2016.

Initiatives of Change looks forward to new and exciting ways to share our films.

To view archival films please visit

To order DVDs of current films (e.g. The Imam & the Pastor, Beyond Forgiving, etc.) please contact an Initiatives of Change office near you. For Initiatives of Change Canada visit – for Initiatives of Change USA visit

Chris Hartnell and Tim Hall, Surrey, BC

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