Saturday, 04 February, 2023

Intergenerational Conversation with Youth with Lewis,, Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal

Wednesday, 01 February, 2023

At the invitation of IofC Australia, Lewis Cardinal and a team of four others, are heading out to Australia on February 16th.

Friday, 13 January, 2023

In 2023, we are entering into a second phase of the series. We have looked at the past with seven speakers on different aspects. We now want to look to the future in line with IofC’s focus this year of Building Bridges Across Generations.

Saturday, 10 December, 2022

From Residential School to the Sixties Scoop

Friday, 28 October, 2022

Why do we believe what we believe…..? This is a good question to ask ourselves. How many of us do that on a regular basis?

Saturday, 22 October, 2022

Peace Days 2022

Saturday, 15 October, 2022

Oka: A Crisis or a Resistance of Indigenous People?
Why the Oka Crisis? What do we learn from it?

Thursday, 29 September, 2022

What will you be doing on Orange Shirt Day?

Saturday, 06 August, 2022

Family Awarded Alberta’s Century Farm and Ranch Award

Sunday, 24 July, 2022

"My eyes were opened and I have seen the nations standing together regardless of race, class or colour,”