Monday, January 21, 2008
Jessie, Imam and Pastor-JIBC
Jessie Sutherland of Worldview Strategies facilitating the question time with the men

Filled to capacity the auditorium at the BC Justice Institute was the venue for the film followed by a dialogue with Pastor Wuye and Imam Ashafa, facilitated by Jessie Sutherland of Worldview Strategies.

Following the screening of the film, as the men approached the platform the audience spontaneously gave them a standing ovation. Questions from students, social activists, youth workers, university professor, volunteers with new immigrants, kept the men sharing from their rich experiences for an hour and a half. The evening began with a First Nations Elder giving a welcome and traditional blessing, then a choir of First Nations sang a prayer song in Arabic and Latin. Paul Ndukwe, who initially invited the men and partnered with IofC, gave a short overview of Nigeria to set the scene. Chris Hartnell gave a brief overview of the film and the international team who had put it together.