Friday, April 16, 2010

I attended a meeting in Edmonton on March 31 arranged by Jack & Mary Jean and was introduced to Charlene Bearhead and Hope Regimbald, who both work for the Edmonton National Day of Healing and Reconciliation (NDHR) and  Native Counselling Services of Alberta.

 We were also introduced to Bobbi Palynchuk, who has been working as a consultant for Alberta Education with a focus on bringing together all of the people in aboriginal communities who impact on education of youth. Since this involves bringing people together for dialogue and change, a colleague had recommended she look at Rob Corcoran's new book and in that way found the IofC website.  Bobbi then made contact with IofC Canada through the Ottawa office, who forwarded her information on to Jack Freebury.  Since I was going to Edmonton on other IofC business, Jack & Mary Jean brought us all together for a wonderful introduction and get-to-know-you luncheon.  The comraderie was instant and warm between all of us and it appears that this will be the beginning of many new links and projects. All three of these new women are interested in learning more about the Creators of Peace, Peace Circles program that we have.  Charlene Bearhead said " "Thanks to everyone for the uplifting conversation and sharing.  I came away from the gathering humbled and inspired again by the knowledge, experience and kindness of every one of you.  I have only met with you all twice and I have so much to research and learn about and share with my family about all that you know and have been a part of.  I am truly grateful for all of the gifts of sharing that you all offered at our luncheon last week."
Hope Regimbald, who is newly involved with NDHR said " Knowing that we are all a part of a great, big, movement towards healing and reconciliation brings continuous hope and motivation to our NDHR office. It was great to know that building relationships in the name of healing and reconciliation come with ease and open sharing. Thanks to all of you for your willingness and dedication to all areas of your necessary works and endeavors."

Janyce Jonkin, Calgary, Alberta