Thursday, March 25, 2010

On March 22nd, Calgary IofC team members Janyce Konkin, Joy Newman, and Bill Parker participated in a community event sponsored by the Calgary Centre for Culture, Equity and Diversity called "The Courage to Stand Together Against Discrimination Forum" attended by about 150. Several City Aldermen, community groups, senior officers of the City of Calgary Police Services, Calgary Police Commission representatives and a Chairperson of the Alberta Human Rights & Citizenship Commission were also there.
Many people stopped by the IofC display table, expressing interest in the Peace Circles program and "Bridges To A Common Future" project work being done in Calgary's diverse community.  All the brochures were taken and many business cards handed out. The key note speaker, Mr. Sandy Dore, an anti-racism activist from Kelowna, B.C., talked about the positive role individuals and groups like IofC can play by bridging the divides between those who misunderstand, even hate, each other. He also commended an organization he admired called The Giraffe Heroes Project whose motto is "Nobis Est - It's Up To Us" to make a difference, so " stick your neck out", which recognizes risk takers for Good.  
As an interesting side-note, John Graham and his Giraffe Heroes Project have been associated with IofC for a number of years and have attended conferences at Caux, Switzerland He will attend the Caux Forum for Human Security again this July.  Click on their link for more information
For more details on this event or projects underway in Calgary, contact Janyce Konkin at 403.270.0975.