Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Media statement from IofC International

Initiatives of Change International is deeply concerned about escalating violence, death and destruction in many parts of the world.

Humanity’s high hopes at the start of the new millennium, that the new century would be one of dialogue instead of war and bloodshed, seem to be wavering.

(Photo by Scott A Buchholz on Wikimedia Commons)As the world looks on, seemingly helpless, the killings in Gaza mount, Palestinian mourners multiply, suffering surrounds the living, and Israelis count their own pain.

In Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, extremism, whether religious or secular, continues to spread its tentacles, threatening millions of lives.

In Ukraine, death, destruction and demonization have followed cries for democracy, for national autonomy vis-à-vis Russia and for regional autonomy vis-à-vis Kiev.

In South Sudan, a humanitarian catastrophe is being added to the already heavy death toll caused by ethnic violence in the wake of political turbulence.

A suffering world cries out for justice, peace and sustainability. They are the birth right of every soul on the planet. They can only come when the special place and part of every individual is respected.

Initiatives of Change International appeals to those in places of influence to attempt approaches of statesmanship not tried before, or tried half-heartedly. With our long track record of trust building going back to Franco-German reconciliation, we stand ready and willing to offer safe spaces for the dialogue the twenty-first century needs.

And we express our humble faith that everyone, no matter how ordinary, can reduce our world's pain by reaching out with compassion, no matter how simply, to a neighbour in need.

Cornelio Sommaruga, Honorary President, IofC International

Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, former President, IofC International

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, former President, IofC International

Dr Omnia Marzouk, President, IofC International

and the International Council of IofC International: Fabiola Benavente (Mexico/Belgium), Mohan Bhagwandas (Australia/Sri Lanka), Lorne Braun (Canada), Chris Breitenberg (USA), Kiran Gandhi (India), Imad Karam (Palestine/UK), Hsu Shoufeng (Taiwan), Abiodun Owoseni (Nigeria), Edward Peters (UK/Sweden), Cricket White (USA)

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Top photo by Mikhail Evstafiev on Wikimedia Commons