Sunday, April 10, 2016

IofC’s Ottawa youth program focusing on ethical leadership seeks volunteers

Ottawa, March 9, 2016—Members and friends of  IofC  gathered at the Ottawa office to hear about IofC’s youth engagement with students from the University of Ottawa. Guest speaker and program organizer Karen Bambonye, explained how the group was first created with Viola Sebahana,  IoC’s office administrator in the summer of 2014. The group’s purpose was to promote IofC and create a IofC youth program. Its aim was to have young people think about what kind of legacy they want to leave behind.

During the fall and winter semesters of 2014-2015, the program began with presentations on  IofC’s history, programs and values. Subsequent workshops covered topics of core values, qualities of ethical leaders, the role of the media and how it influences us, discrimination and a variety of other topics

The group also had guest speakers such as Alexis Latrémouille, who shared his story about owning a agricultural business in Quebec and Rachel Freeman linking breathing exercises and the practice of silence. The workshops encouraged young people to always reflect on their own actions. 

Thembi Silundika, a longtime IofC member joined Karen and Viola on the organizing committee in the summer of 2015,  and the program was restructured to focus on ethical leadership; also to facilitate the transfer of intergenerational experience. Workshops from the previous year were revamped and were presented to new and returning students.

What’s next for the organizers? A full day workshop on ethical leadership open to students and non-students. The topics would include silence, ethical leadership in everyday situations, leadership and communications, etc. To make this event a success, the organizers are  looking for volunteers. If you’re interested, please send an email to The  date of the event to be confirmed.

Karen Bamboyne, Ottawa