Friday, April 11, 2014

Quebec City team welcomes Council member from Montreal

Quebec City, March 11, 12—Fulfilling a long-held wish of Lucie Pagé, Regional Coordinator in Quebec City and of  Elizabeth Slanke a Montreal-based member of IofC’s Council of Management, three members of the Montreal team travelled to Quebec City to participate in the meeting thereon March 11.  They were Elizabeth, her husband Ron Meetoos, a member of the Cree Nation of Saskatchewan and an active member of the Circles of Trust in Montreal as well as of the Voices of Silence presentation, and Laurent Gagnon.

The agenda included a time of sharing on the book Dynamic out of Silence and preparations for the public activity scheduled for April 8. Ron’s musical input on the flute before the meeting contributed to the atmosphere of serenity and the quality of the welcome.

“Ron and I were moved by the generous welcome of the team, “said Elizabeth. “The reflections on the book were very deep and well prepared. We also appreciated the diversity of experiences of the members and the respect of this reality.”
The guests took the opportunity to invite their hosts to one of the Montreal Circles of Dialogue that takes place in their home.

On March 12, thanks to the initiative of Sister Claudette Dumont, a member of the team, the documentary The Imam and the Pastor was presented at the Centre de spiritualité Manrèse. This film was selected by the Centre as part of a series called Ciné-spiritualité. Thirty people enthusiastically appreciated the strong advocacy of the two former enemies in the film for peace.

Pastor Samuel Vauvert Dansokho commented: “To see this film in a room filled with brothers and sisters united in the same spirit of justice, peace, love and reconciliation was a moving experience for me, a Senegalese pastor of the United Church. More than ever, the quest remains: how to –voluntarily and graciously- make space for the Other.”

Lucie Pagé, Quebec City, Laurent Gagnon, Montreal