Sunday, August 30, 2015

A first experience in Caux is usually powerful.

It was the case for Marie Émilie Lacroix, a teacher from Quebec City. In the last year, she has been a devoted aboriginal representative for IofC’s ‘Four Solitudes’ initiatives, including the launch of the film Beyond Forgiving in Quebec City on June 11.

“I had read a lot about IofC and I had acted on that,” said Marie Emilie.” But there I was at Caux in July with my need for healing, my expectations in terms of training, interacting with very sincere and honest people. The Spirit had directed me to that centre and the Creators of Peace Circle who invited me to spend three extra days of training. Caux challenged us to change but mostly offered us a gift of liberation. I would go back. In the meanwhile, I will reinvest what I have learned in bridging gaps and mobilizing people.”

Joseph Vumiliya from Montreal who has been working for a year as IofC’s Project Manager in Quebec, also saw his dream come true last summer when he went to Caux.

“I had meaningful encounters,” he said. “I heard very touching testimonies of people who went through dire situations in their countries. Also, I had the opportunity to hear from Burundians about their experience with the Circles of Peace in their home country and to talk about the IofC approach in Quebec with the film Beyond Forgiving. This journey has greatly inspired me and is crucial to my life and commitment to IofC Canada. I left Caux with deep gratitude and the desire to go back.”

Laurent Gagnon, Montreal

Photo: Marie Émilie Lacroix and Daphrose Barampama (President - Creators of Peace)