Thursday, January 7, 2016

Solitudes build together in Quebec

Quebec City, Nov. 11

Following the launch of the film "Beyond Forgiving" in Quebec City on June 11, the committee “Intercultural Bridge” created by Initiatives of Change and Development and Peace, held a gathering with the theme Out of our solitudes, dare to build together.

This committee made up of seven people with different backgrounds who met monthly since August 7 to prepare for the first of a series of gatherings that will be held each season with diversified and relevant topics for society.

Forty-five dynamic participants highly appreciated this event with a diversity of programs: Aboriginal ceremony and legends, Mexican and Quebec legends; A quiet time of silence was followed by Circle of sharing, music and tasting of traditional Innu bannock bread. There were also two presentations by Quebec personalities: Louise Lacroix, gave information on Québec International Solidarity Days; and James Thwaites, Professor and Director of the Department of Industrial Relations at Laval University spoke on Human Rights .

Lucie Pagé, Quebec City, Laurent Gagnon and Joseph Vumiliya, Montreal