Why do donors give?

‘We donate to IofC because we believe in the value and work being done by the movement….’  

John Bocock

John BocockMeeting Initiatives of Change ( Moral Rearmament at the time) in 1958 exposed my life to absolute honesty. It brought into focus my relationship with my brother. If he made a mistake, I felt justified in inflicting harsh criticism. If I made a mistake I was inclined to cover it up. It became clear that unless I apologized for my critical, self righteous attitude, I would remain a hypocrite living a double standard and the probability of us farming together would be dim.

I swallowed my pride, apologized and asked for his help to be different. We are still farming together 52 years later and it has enabled adventures at home and abroad. This happened because other people shared life changing experiences in their lives and communities. In gratitude, I continue to contribute time and finance to Initiatives of Change.

John Bocock, Sturgeon County, Alberta

Lorne Braun

Lorne Braun"When I was at a change point in my life in 1984, I made a decision to commit to using my skills and resources to benefit poor and marginalized people around the world.

Since then, in addition to teaching post-graduate students in international management, supporting humanitarian organizations in their overseas work, mentoring young leaders, and facilitating inter-group dialogue, I met and became involved with Initiatives of Change.

I found its relationship focus and its values based activities fit completely with what I felt to be important in my life. I am committed to the work of IofC in Canada and internationally, and encourage everyone to find how they can be involved."

Lorne Braun,  Richmond, BC is an international development consultant and until recently served on the International Council of IofC.

Terry and Joanna Miller

Terry and Joanna Miller, Surrey, BC"We donate to IofC because we believe in the value and work  being done by the movement.

Our family, including parents, have participated in IofC for over 60 years. We know the effectiveness of the mission and stewardship of the financial resources.

The world is in desperate need of being brought together in peace and goodwill to solve community problems.  

IofC brings nations, religions and cultures together to effect change.  IofC is one of the rare paths to achieve this end.

We give this movement our financial and volunteer support.

Terry and Joanna Miller, Surrey, BC

How to make a donation:

To enable the continued growth and sustainability of IofC initiatives of trustbuilding, healing and reconciliation and young leadership training, your generous support is needed. Here is how you can help:

• monthly gifts to enable sustainable planning
• single gifts towards specific initiatives
• fundraising initiatives involving family, friends and networks 

All financial donations are tax deductible and can be made online or by mailing a cheque payable to Initiatives of Change to:

The Treasurer, Initiatives of Change
30 Cleary Avenue, Suite 8, Ottawa, ON K2A 4A1