Monday, July 23, 2018
Thoughts on being accepted for Caux Scholars Program 2018


I came across Initiatives of Change through the Serving Communities Internship Program. Janyce Konkin, IofC’s Regional Coordinator in Alberta, had posted a position to assist at the Rajmohan Gandhi event she was organizing in Calgary in late October 2014. What began initially for me as an internship later turned into a part time office assistant position.


IofC and change from within

Little did I realize that IofC contributed more to me that I did to it. As a youth that had left a security guard position at the YWCA, and becoming increasingly isolated due to late night shifts and taking university courses online, I think I felt a deep disconnect within myself and was living in between the lines.


I had forgotten how to live compassionately and with a growth mindset. But most of all what I required most was healing and a helping hand.


At the start, I actually hadn't thought of what all these tools at work meant, such as trust building, interfaith dialogues, women's peace circles, etc.


But what intrigued me the most is how much IofC conditioned my thought patterns and way of life. I hadn't realized that all those random conversations I had with Janyce Konkin or reading educational pamphlets and papers lying around the office were actually having a profound impact on my rigid mindset. I was beginning to be unfolded and moulded in new ways. I realize now that real, everlasting change and finding yourself, your true identity, happens inwards, not outwards.


Applying for Caux Scholarship

Over the years of my association with IofC, Janyce has spoken often to me of Caux Scholars, and this year we finally decided I was ready, so I was excited to apply. It was attending IofC’s Youth Compass Program that led me to go back to University and finish a program. This enabled me to apply for Caux Scholars.


Application Process: Some tips for future Caux scholars

The application process, although it seems daunting, can be made less so if broken up into pieces! (Which totally would've put my mind at ease!) I would say don't rush things. But make sure you meet the application deadline!


Foster the relationships you need and find the people that believe in you, whether that's someone from IofC, a mentor or even a professor. They can not only guide you on a path of self-development but also on writing some recommendations for you which will definitely come in handy.


I would also say create your purpose and find some causes you believe in through interning or volunteering. Your time will come when you are ready. Without these you are aimless.

For instance, I narrowed down some interesting root causes such as renewable energy and international development for my career goals of combining social enterprise with journalism.



I was surprised and thrilled when I received my letter of acceptance. I'd heard other people’s inspiring stories of Caux, but now I am about to realize my own goal! It is an extraordinary feeling to be part of Caux 2018!


Rachneet Randhawa, Calgary