To work for social cohesion through creating and maintaining bonds based on mutual trust.


Trustbuilding Project

The Trustbuilding Project aims to address the divisiveness of language, culture, immigration, religion and treatment of aboriginal people in Quebec. The program will focus on personal transformation, and build a community within a multi-sector engagement approach.


Circles of TrustCitizen Project / Circles of Trust

Creating opportunities for an ongoing way of meeting, listening and dialoguing, as an act of citizenship between First Nations, French and English Canadians and more recent immigrants.


Creators of PeaceCreators of Peace

Creators of Peace challenges women of all backgrounds and beliefs to discover their unique potential to create a culture of peace in their homes, communities and the wider world.


Circles on Indigenous Worldviews

Circles on Indigenous Worldviews, is a series of online dialogues based on a conviction that it would be helpful for non-Indigenous people to learn how decisions are made today that came about because of an unjust system.