Trustbuilding Healing and Reconciliation Workshops

Two components to these informative, dynamic and interactive workshops.

1. Trustbuilding

An informative, interactive workshop that will equip people to:

  • learn about trust in their own lives—who they trust and why they trust them; 
  • engage in inter-active activities that will provide an experience of extending and receiving trust;
  • identify the skills of a good trustbuilder; 
  • examine Gandhi’s idea of ‘be the change you want to see in the world’
2. Reconciliation

Based on the work of Initiatives of Changes international network, the workshop in Healing and Reconciliation utilizes various IofC films to teach the importance of apology and forgiveness in contemporary life. Presented in an informal format the workshop facilitates dialogue between conflicting individuals and/or groups, whether faith based, inter-culturally based, community based etc.

These techniques can be used to help:

  • Let go of hatreds and desires for revenge
  • Reconcile communities in conflict
  • Build trust and confidence between parties
  • Learn from The Imam and The Pastor’s experiences in community building
  • Create your own inspiration for being a change-agent
  • Educate and empower individuals and groups to take positive action on difficult issues.