Wednesday, April 2, 2014


University of Calgary interns collaborate with IofC on trustbuilding workshop

Four students—Jared  Clark, Ashley Muller, Linda Akoakem and Lisa Fornalik—worked on the Trustbuilding Workshop held on Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8.They worked hard throughout January and February, researching the topic by reading Rob Corcoran’s book on trustbuilding and other IofC literature. They secured a location, drew up advertising flyers, found food donations, and took care of the numerous other details to make this workshop successful.

Twenty participants gathered Friday March 7 night to watch the film The Imam and The Pastor followed by a lively dialogue.  Saturday was an intense commitment to the numerous activities that comprise the workshop. These were recorded through the use of a technique called “graphic recording” by a volunteer assistant Firyal Mohamed.  In addition to Firyal, Janyce was  assisted by Kal Workneh, another long-time volunteer assistant at trustbuilding workshops.UofC Interns with their Professor, Dr Ceasar<br />Apentiik

Workshop participants commented that they most enjoyed learning: the importance of reflection; interacting with people from all walks, worldviews and cultures; the opportunities  to share their views without being judged; learning about the importance of listening; and how all people can be agents of change in every situation.

The four students worked on their final report which they later presented to their  development studies class.