Friday, March 3, 2023

A Walk in the Park!

One of IofC Canada's board, Iman Al Ghafari, continues to work towards peace, peace in her country and peace within each and everyone she meets. As we celebrate International Women's Day, this is a good reminder of the role of women play well.

With the tremendous devastation of now several earthquakes hitting North West Syria, but felt in Damascus, Iman, along with her friends, said we can't wait for another earthquake to happen again, our children, husbands, families and friends are in need of hope and inner peace now!

Two groups of women who have experienced Peace Circles during the Syrian war and after, are experiencing times of 'inner listening', one in nature, the other in a mall.

They focused on two questions:

1)  What did the earthquakes teach you?

2) What do you want to get rid of and gain now?

The gatherings and discussions, games and sharing meals, have revived our spirits a little and encouraged us to move on again. We need wisdom and guidance during this time and this can be gained through 'inner listening'.