Monday, February 29, 2016


The colour film depicts the 1960 world journey undertaken by 88 year old Chief Walking Buffalo of the Stoney Nakoda Nation, of Alberta, Canada and Chief David Crowchild of the Tsuut’ina Nation who, with their families, travelled to meet the indigenous peoples of Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Uganda. Wearing their distinctive traditional regalia they were welcomed at the highest level by the leaders of those countries.

Sponsored by International Moral Re-Armament, the film portrays the close ties between indigenous people everywhere and challenges them to take their rightful place in society. The film was photographed by Canadian Robert Fleming of Kingston, Ontario and narrated by Edward Devlin of Ottawa, Ontario – formally a producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Surrounded by members of the Stoney Nakoda Nation, Chief Walking Buffalo makes Dr. Frank Buchman, founder of Initiatives of Change, a blood brother at an international conference in 1934.

Chief Walking Buffalo in conversation with Dr. Frank Buchman

Chief Walking Buffalo greeted by Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker